Gametech 7 RGB Coloured PC Case Fans

Gametech 7 RGB Coloured PC Case Fans

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Product Description

General Features
Dimensions 120mm*25mm
Operating Voltage DC 12V a. Rated Current
b. 25 ℃ 65%
Operating Voltage Range 10.8-13.2V
Starting Voltage DC 5VMAX
Rated Current 0.26A+10%4MAX
Operating Temperature 25C.65%
Power Consumption 3.12W+10%MAX
Speed 1100±10% a.25 ℃ 65%
b. Air Flow
c. Rated Voltage
Max. Air Flow 31.2CFM(f/min) a. Rated Voltage
b. AMCA Standart
Air Pressure 1.04mm-H2O
Noise Level 22.8dB(A) a. Rated Voltage
b. Measured in Nor-Echo Chamber
c. CNS 8753 Standart
Lifetime 30.000 saat 25℃ MTBF(Mean Time Failure Conf. Level 90%)
Blade Amount 7 Blades
Connector 4 Pin Molec - Are Connected to Power Supply
Rotation Direction Counterclockwise
GTIN 8683125710270

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